Covid-19 Update - June 25th, 2020

Hello Church Family,

We officially enter Phase IV starting tomorrow in all areas in IL. This is very exciting, but we also know that this is the phase that we might find ourselves in the longest. We have a lot of guidelines that we are trying to discern the best ways for FVCC to continue doing ministry in a way that allows God to receive maximum glory and for us to live out our mission to be a Church where every member is a missionary.

We have seen success in our outdoor services and recognize that this is a setting where it might be easier to invite people too. We want to encourage you to continue building relationships in your community and extending offers to join us in worship on Sundays, both physically and digitally.

For the immediate future we are going to continue having outdoor services with our primary service being digital. If we have to cancel the outdoor service because of weather we will communicate this by 8:00am on Sunday morning and we will do an online service only that day.

Having said that, we will be making minor changes to the service. We recognize that line of sight has not always been the easiest, so as we begin Phase IV this Sunday we are going to park in one section of the lot and gather and praise in another. We will continue having zones of worship that are seperated by 10 feet, will continue to ask you to wear masks when you are not in your zone of worship, and we will continue providing greeters to show you where to park and where your zone of worship is.

We also recognize that the summer months can get hot. Because of this, starting July 5th we will move the start time of our service to 9:00am which will allow us to be finished earlier.

Please know that we will continue to monitor how our services are working and if there is a better way that we can be doing what we do on Sunday mornings. Please continue to pray for the leadership, for God's wisdom, and for us to be living out the mission that He has called us to be on.

FVCC Elders