Children/Student Minister

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Fox Valley Christian Church is a multi-generational Church with an emphasis on reaching and growing young families. We envision a Church where every member is a missionary: at home, at work, in the community, and beyond. Because of this, we are on a mission to know God personally and to make Him known.

FVCC is positioned in an area with tremendous outreach potential. Ignite Church Planting calls the area the Randall Road Corridor, “this section of the region, stretching from Aurora to Elgin, has over 200,000 people living in four cities. This presents us with 150,000 who are unreached.”

FVCC is a financially stable Church, thanks to The Solomon Foundation. We experienced the emotional and mental stress of our financial burden, but after being set free from this burden by The Solomon Foundation, we are now positioned to lead our members from surviving to thriving and we are excited about what that means for FVCC going forward.
We have strong relationships with organizations like The Solomon Foundation, Ignite Church Planting, and E2 Elders. All of which are fueling the momentum of our next steps. Because of this, we are looking for someone that is not only passionate about ministry, but that has a contagious passion about reaching into the community and making God known.

  • A committed follower of Christ that is continually drawing closer to God through the spiritual disciplines.
  • A disciple maker that leads others into a personal relationship with God.
  • A missionary, passionate about making God known, and a strong desire to build bridges into the community.
  • An emotionally and relationally mature individual who is prepared for the highs and lows of ministry.

  • Agreement with the ideals and doctrines normally embraced within the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.
  • Possesses vision, creativity, and enthusiasm to build a ministry to children/students.
  • Exhibits the vision and passion to coordinate an effective outreach ministry.
  • Able to share the Gospel accurately to all age levels.
  • Prior experience in leading volunteers, preferred.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a ministry related field from a Christian college, preferred.
This position oversees and leads all ministry to children and students from birth through 12th Grade.

  • Ensure that the regular weekend Children’s Worship Services and midweek programs at FVCC are properly supplied and equipped so that the Children/Student Ministry teams can effectively minister to our children/students.
  • Oversee the teaching by helping choose curriculum and studies.
  • Plan, prepare, and implement all children/student summer programming.
  • Meet with the Sr. Minister to discuss day to day and long-term planning/needs.

  • Develop and implement policies for volunteers that includes safety practices, position descriptions, discipline, and expectations from volunteers.
  • Recruit volunteers for Children/Student Ministry positions.
  • Plan and coordinate a regular training program for all Children/Student Ministry volunteers.
  • Observe, evaluate, and affirm volunteers to help them understand their strengths and to encourage them in areas where improvement is possible.
  • Regularly celebrate and appreciate volunteers.
  • Potential to lead future children/student ministry interns.

  • Work with Sr. Minister to plan and prepare events/opportunities designed to connect us to the communities that we are serving in.
  • Attend community meetings and find ways to volunteer in local event planning to both foster community and seek additional opportunities for outreach and service.
  • Connect with local schools, nonprofits, and Churches to find ways we can partner with them.

  • Work with Sr. Minister to plan and prepare events designed to pull our families together in regular fellowship.
  • Create opportunities for our volunteers to celebrate and do life together.

  • Communicate with children/students in a way that gets them excited about personally knowing God and making Him known.
  • Communicate with parents regularly and help equip them as they lead their families.
  • Regularly communicate with the volunteers the vision, mission, and steps needed for success.
  • Be available for both parents and volunteers if they have any questions, suggestions, concerns, etc.
  • Communicate with the Church body to get them excited about the mission and vision of our Children/Student Ministries and to help them celebrate in the successes that they make possible.
To apply send your resume and portfolio to