Spring/Summer Outdoor Service

Beginning in May we will move our worship services outside for the summer. Things to note:

1) We will have one outdoor service as long as the weather is above 60 degrees and not raining.
2) The outdoor service will be at 9:00 am.
3) Children's Ministry will be available during the service and they will continue to meet indoors; children and volunteers will wear a mask.
4) The bathrooms inside our building will be open.
5) We ask that you bring your own seats.
6) If there is bad weather, we will notify everyone on Saturday night and we will move our service indoors. If this happens our first service will be masked at 9:00 am with Children's Ministry during this service. Our second service will be at 10:45 am, with masks able to be removed when in your designated area of worship.
7) We will continue to have our service available online through our website and premiering at 9:45 am on Facebook. So, if you are traveling this summer or cannot join us physically for whatever reason, be sure to join us online.