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A Note From Our Senior Minister
Finding a church home is important for every family-a place for the whole family to deepen their love for God and grow in faith, a place to use our abilities to help and serve others. FVCC is that kind of place.

So if you haven't established a spiritual support system for yourself and your family, let me invite you to stop in and be our guest. Worship with us; give us a try. Who knows where God may lead?

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At FVCC we want to help each other imitate Jesus in living out real love in a real world. We have identified four key relationship areas-with God, with neighbors, with church, and with family-where love must be consistently expressed and demonstrated.

At a practical level we believe the ability to live out love in each of these four relationship areas are the foundational "life-skills" of the Christian life.        These "life-skills" comprise our working definition of what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. They are understood to be essential for a full and meaningful Christian life. Accomplishing the corporate mission and vision of the church is dependent upon each of us individually mastering these four "life-skills"- love God, love neighbor, love church, love family.

It is the expectation that those who become members of Fox Valley Christian Church or choose to make it their "church-home" will intentionally seek to develop and master these four life-skills within their lives. Everything we do is designed to cultivate and strengthen within the lives of our members and attendees these four foundational life-skills.


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