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Ready! Set! Grow!

Ready! Set! Grow! (RSG) is a study series designed to help you understand what it means to be a fully-devoted follower of Christ and how to take some important first steps in your Christian life. These classes are designed for people who are just beginning to explore their faith, but they will also be helpful for those who have been following Jesus for many years.

The program consists of five core classes. The first two RSG courses, 101 and 201, are required to become members of the church and the final three courses are expected to be completed within a two-year timeframe after becoming a member of the church.

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Knowing Christ RSG 101

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    Knowing Christ - RSG 101
  • READY! SET! GROW! 101 “Knowing Christ” will answer questions about how to commit your life to Christ. 

    There are many people who are seeking to know God, desiring to make a personal connection with Him. Perhaps you are one of them. "Knowing Christ" is a four-lesson study that can help you take some first steps in knowing God through Jesus Christ and introduce you to this life-transforming connection.

    Growing in Christ - RSG 201
  • READY! SET! GROW! 201 “Growing in Christ” will focus on Fox Valley Christian Church, our vision, mission, core values and how to become a member of this church.

    All living things are intended to develop and grow. This is certainly true of those who have received new life in Christ. "Growing in Christ" is a four-lesson study that will help you lay a solid foundation of continuing spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus.

    Serving Christ
  • Do you have a heart to serve, but are not sure where or how God wants to use you?  Then sign up today for the Ready! Set! Grow! Serving Christ class.  This class will help you identify your areas of giftedness and also examine those areas of personality and passion that can help point you to your ministry “sweet spot.” 

    Christ calls all of his followers into some area of ministry and service. This one-day seminar, based on the SHAPE model, will help you identify where and how God can best use your unique gifts, abilities, and passions to help build His kingdom.

    Sharing Christ
  • Those who know Christ will want others to know him as well. This one-day seminar, based on the Contagious Christian course, will help you share your faith in a personal, comfortable, and relevant way.

    Financial Peace University
  • Financial Peace University is an intensive study of how to make good financial decisions that are guided by Biblical truth.  This video class features Dave Ramsey teaching about how to save money, live on a budget, communicate about money, eliminate debt, and experience the joy of giving.  Over 650,000 families throughout our nation have completed FPU.

    Those who know Christ will seek to honor Him in every area of life. This one-day seminar is an outstanding tool to help you honor Christ with your financial and material resources. This seminar will equip you to handle and manage money God's way, according to Biblical principles of financial management.

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