• We support a husband and wife team who are serving with Campus Crusade for Christ, reaching young people through a campus ministry in East Asia. Their ministry is not sanctioned by that country's government, so please be in prayer as they reach out to these spiritually-hungry college students.    
  • Christian Missionary Fellowship: Dan and Connie Crum live in Nairobi, Africa and have worked to establish many churches and train the local people of the Maasai tribes to take the ownership of those churches and continue their growth. They still continue to write training materials for the Maasai tribes.     
  • Ramon Gabriel and family are our Dominican Republic national resident missionaries. Ramon started a church in his local community as well as a Christian school that reaches and teaches many of the neighborhood children. This is also one spot our church uses as a short-term mission opportunity. Hundreds of lives have been changed through the efforts of this mission.  
  • Life Ministries is located in Perth, Australia. Dwight and Sheila Randall are very active making changes in political laws and policies effecting moral issues. In addition to writing many moving articles and pamphlets, Life Ministries runs Pregnancy Problem House where many lives have been saved from being cut short by abortion, giving women other options.   
  • Rest Ministries is a ministry led by Chuck and Becca Lehman. REST Ministries exists to encourage and equip adults to imitate Christ through an intimate relationship with Him so they can truly REST fully in his presence.   
  • Rock River Christian Camp is one of our oldest supported missions. More than just a youth camp, The Rock has moved into a year-round camp for other retreats, family camps, and study opportunities. The Rock is known for the life changing campfire worship services and the swimming pool baptisms.
  • Fox Valley Pregnancy Center is located in Elgin, IL and St. Charles, IL. Since 1988, the Fox Valley Pregnancy Center (FVPC) has been providing resources and support for individuals facing challenges of an unintended pregnancy. Caring and experienced staff are available to provide support and guidance as needed, helping women to realistically, and without pressure, examine their ambitions, goals, rights and responsibilities in light of their present situations. We seek to assist women who are unprepared for pregnancy to calmly and confidently explore their options, empowering them to make healthy, life-affirming decisions through education and compassionate support services.
  • Nancy Clark  serves at Strong Tower Christian School in Chiclayo, Peru.


Sunday Service 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM- A PEOPLE OF LOVE ON A MISSION To Make God Known