Welcome! Here are just a few question you may have. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.
    Where are you located?

  • FVCC
    40W150 Main St. (corner of Fabyan Parkway & Main Street), Batavia, IL 60510
    Where do my kids go on Sunday?

  • A nursery is provided for children ages 0-23 months. Children ages 2 yrs. – 5th grade meet in their age appropriate classrooms during the service. Check out Kingdom Avenue, Middle School, High School for more information.

    Children of all ages are always welcome in the service. We offer Fidget bags, available for preschoolers, which contain books, paper/crayons and quiet puzzles. Pick up the bags the Information Center. We encourage each family to worship one service together and attend a study, small group or volunteer the other service.

    What are worship services like?
  • We offer a single service on Sunday mornings - 9:30 AM.

    Starting September 28, 2014 we will begin 2 identical services 9 AM and 10:30 AM.

    This is contemporary services that combine inspiring worship, multi-media, and relevant teaching to allow you to just not know about God but to begin or deepen your relationship with him.  Check out the page Worship to learn more about each of these services.
    What should I wear?
  • Come as you are.  We care about you...not what you wear.  If you feel more comfortable to dress up or wear casual attire, even if jeans are your style, there are others who will be dressed like you so you’ll be right at home with us.
    Will I be the only new person there?
  • Absolutely not!  Every Sunday we have people checking us out for the first time.  But don't worry...we won't call you out as a first-timer, but we encourage you to visit our Information Center to find out more about our church.
    What is communion? How often is it observed?
  • Communion is a time to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and to reflect on the importance that His sacrifice has on our personal lives. We accomplish this through personal and corporate prayers, and the use of bread and juice as symbols of His body and blood. We observe communion weekly during each service.
    Who do I talk to about getting more information about the church?
  • In addition to this website, an extensive amount of information is available at our Information Center.  For more information, you can also call (630)208-8484 and talk to one of our staff members.
    Do I need to bring my Bible?
  • We encourage you bring your own Bible to worship service so that you can underline or highlight particular verses for later study. During worship, key Bible verses will be displayed on the overhead screens for those who do not have a Bible with them and for those who carry a different translation. Bible are also available in the Worship Center for use during the service.

    What denomination are you?
  • We are non-denominational.  Check out our What we Believe page for more information.
Sunday Service 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM- A PEOPLE OF LOVE ON A MISSION To Make God Known