Covid-19 Update - November 19, 2020

COVID-19 Update - November 19, 2020

Hello Church Family,

This month we have been talking about Holistic Generosity. How we can be generous in all ways. Not just financially generous, but generous in all ways and in all areas of our lives.

We truly, at Fox Valley Christian Church, have been blessed this year. We have not missed a single opportunity to worship on a Sunday morning. From the very first Sunday we knew we were going digital in March until now we have had an opportunity every week to continue to come together and praise God. As the weather got warmer, we were able to take advantage of the large property and parking lot that God has so graciously given us. We were able to hold outdoor services and still maintain our digital services this entire time. A few months ago, we were blessed with the ability to transition indoors and continue to gather and worship God in the building that we call home. This building that we truly recognize that it is God's and again just another of His great gifts to us. All of this, all that we have been able to do and experience this year has truly been a gift to us and we are so thankful that God has poured generously out on us.

We also recognize that we have an opportunity to pour generously out on others. As the Elders have continued monitoring the COVID numbers in both our state and in our county and as we have continued working with the local Health Department, we have decided that one of the greatest acts of generosity that we can do right now is to give up (temporarily) our freedom to meet physically and instead step back into a period of gathering digitally. This has not been mandated on us by the Government, but when we look at the situations in our community, in our schools, and in our hospitals we believe that putting a temporary hold on physical gatherings could help to slow the spread of the virus and help slow the increase in hospitalizations.

We are not doing this out of fear or because we feel that it is being imposed on us. Instead, we are choosing to take this step as a way to live generously toward our frontline emergency volunteers and essential workers. We hope and pray that as a result of our decision that they will be blessed with less and less cases of COVID and that they and their families will experience both the mental and physical relief. Along with them, we hope to be a service to the small businesses and other nonprofits that do not have the financial freedom to close their doors or the ability to continue doing what they are doing in a digital manner. We are blessed to be able to continue our mission digitally and if doing so for a limited time can flatten the curve and allow these businesses and nonprofits to remain open, then we want to be generous in whatever way that we can.  

Because of this, the Elders have decided that beginning this Sunday (November 22) all of our Church functions will return to a digital state. You can view our worship services during our Facebook Premieres on Sunday mornings at 9:45am and at all other times on our app and website. At this time, we do not have a definitive date that we will be returning back to physical worship in the building. We will continue to monitor the situation, work with the Health Department, and update you along the way.

Please continue to pray for God's leading, for our Elders, and for the community that He has put us in. On behalf of the Elders, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your grace and generosity throughout these past 8 months. I am humbled to serve at a Church that has such a generous heart for the people around them that although going to digital only services is not easy, it is received so gracefully.

FVCC Elders